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Anal Sex

How to Use a Pocket Pal  

What are Anal Beads ?  

 Masturbation Toys or Your Hand: Which is Better ?

Why Anal Sex Hurts  

4 Ways to Make Masturbation Better Than Sex  

How to Keep Anal Sex Clean  

Top Fleshlight Alternative Masturbators  

How to use a Prostate Massager

Top Reasons Men Buy Fleshlights  

What are Butt Plugs ?

Top 5 Masturbation Toys Under $15   

Anal Sex Made Easy  

Phone Bone Basics - Aural Sex

Amazing Anal Sex Positions

Masturbation Tips and Tricks

Four Ways to Be a Better Bottom

Five Condom Masturbation Tips  

The Male G-Spot

5 Tips for an Amazing Hand Job

Man's Guide to Using Dildos

Five Fun Ways to Jack Off  

Anal Sex Do's and Don'ts

Why Men Buy Masturbators

Anal Sex Prep Guide for Men   

Fleshlight Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Dildo 

The Benefits of Mutual Masturbation  

Cleanse Your Body for Sex

5 Mutual Masturbation Techniques

Anal Douche 101: How to Clean Yourself

How to Use A Fleshlight

What is an Anal Orgasm ?

5 Ways to Masturbate with No Mess  

What You Need to Know About Anal Sex Toys

How to Make Masturbation Feel Like the Real Thing

Anal Sex Mistakes Gay Men Make

Health Benefits of Masturbation

Advanced Anal Sex Preparation Tips

4 Things You Need for a Handjob

3 Tips for Easy Anal Sex  

Advanced Masturbation Tips

What are Prostate Massagers ?  

 How to Use Masturbation to Cure Premature Ejaculation

5 Anal Sex Rules for Men  

How to Stroke Him Crazy : Handjob Tips for Men




Cock Ring FAQ's  

How to Give a Blow Job: 3 Easy Tips

Are Cock Rings Safe ?

Blow Job Basics: Attitude is Everything

Sex Tips for a Man with a Big Penis

5 Things to Do While Getting Head

How to Pull Your Foreskin Back  

 Cum - Spit , Swallow, Where to Put It  

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation  

How to 69 - Tips and Tricks

What are Penis Pumps ?

Bottoms that Can't Suck Dick ? WTF !  

The Facts About Penis Pumps  

Give Your Top Mind Blowing Oral Sex

How to Use a Cock Ring  

Common Dick Sucking Mistakes

Why Penis Girth Matters   

Top Oral Sex Tips : Give a Great Blow Job

Crazy About Cock Rings: Why Men love them ?

How to Prepare Your Man for Oral Sex

Four Ways to Be a Better Top

 Make Oral Sex Easy

How to Ejaculate More Semen  

5 Tips to Prolong Oral Sex  

Sex Tips for Men with Small Dicks


How to Choose the Perfect Condom


How to Choose a Penis Pump

Product Reviews

Condom Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

Tiger Sex Lubricant

Easy Tips for Using Penis Pumps   

Do It Yourself Pocket Pal Review

How to Put a Condom on an Uncut Man

COLT Gear Travel Shower Shot

How to Get Rid of Smegma  

Booty Call Booty Blaster Anal Douche

How to Stay Hard During Sex

Mood Pleaser Thick Ribs Masturbator


  Colt Man Butt Masturbator


Super Head Honcho


Booty Call Booty Rocket Anal Vibrator


10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit


Compact Prostate Massager by Dr. Joel Kaplan


Girl Next Door Pocket Pal - Brown


Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy


10 Function Vibrating Silicone Stud Lasso


Girl Next Door Pocket Pal - Ivory  

Better Sex Techniques

10 Function Adonis Explorer  

4 Ways to Make Sex Spontaneous  

Advanced Master Gauge Pump

3 Spots on a Man that Drive Him Wild  

Travel Gripper Double Duty Masturbator

4 Ways to Use Sex Toys with Your Partner  

Booty Call Booty Rider Anal Vibrator  

Phone Sex 101: Tips for a Phone Bone


How to Be Better in Bed


How to Please Your Partner  

4 Reasons to Use Sex Lube

How to Please a Man that is Long Winded

Sex Lube 101: Getting it Where You Want It

How to Spice Up Relationship Sex

How to Use Sex Lube

Sex Games to Play When Bored  

The Scoop on Silicone Sex Lubes

5 Ways Sex Can Make You Healthier  

How to Choose the Right Lube

Five Male Orgasm Techniques


5 Ways to Make Sex Fun  


Stripping For Your Man


How to Express Yourself Sexually  


Valentine's Ideas for Gay Men  

Wash Yo Nuts

5 Ways to Please Your Him After You Climaxed   

Eliminate Male Genital Odor  

 How to Talk Dirty in Bed

Cleanse Your Body for Sex

 Spice Up Your Sex Life: Motel Sex

How to Shave Your Genitals

Get Your Man to Have a 3some  

  Do Pheromones Really Work?

How to Have A Sexy Staycation

Buzz Your Bush - Shaving Pubic Hair

Tips to Prolong Sex


Six Tips for Improving Your Sex Life


Top Locations for a Quickie


Aromatherapy for Sex


Foreplay Using Hot Wax

Public Sex / Hookups

Light a Room for Sex

 How to Have a Sex Party

Make Him Scream ! Male Pleasure Zones

How to Prepare for a One Night Stand  

Foreplay for Men

How to Hookup in an Adult Bookstore

How to Give the Perfect Massage 

 Have an Erotic Road Trip  

Make Your Place Ready for Sex

Adult Game Night - Erotic Twister

How to Have Freaky Sex  

How to Have Friends with Benefits

Sensational Sex Without Penetration  

Vacation One Night Stand

Sex Supplements 101: Fact vs Fiction

Cyber Sex Tips for Men   

Sex Toys Gay Men Need to Keep Handy


Five Ways to Avoid Sexual Boredom  


Four Ways to Be a Better Versatile


Six Tips for Sex in the Shower  

Kinky Sex 101: From Mild to Wild

How to Have Marathon Sex  

How to Have Frottage

How to Have Sex with a Big Man

What is Frottage ?

How to Get Your Man to Use Sex Toys   

Kinky Sex Tips for Men

5 Ways to Please Your Man in Bed


How to Be a Better Kisser  


How to Clean a Sex Toy


4 Tantric Sex Tips  


Why Every Man Needs a Sex Toy